The Dinner of the Year is an initiative that promotes solidarity, bringing together great names of the Portuguese gastronomy scene: Justa Nobre, Kiko,  Vítor Sobral and Luís Barradas – and aims to finance social projects.
The dinner is held at the Convento do Beato – Lisbon, and is served as a Buffet, so all participants are free to try the dishes of all Chefs, as many times as they like, without big queues or big delays.
Who is the promoter of Dinner of the Year?
Let’s Help is the promoter of The Dinner of the Year! LET’S HELP is a non-profit organization dedicated to social entrepreneurship, whose main mission is to help the entities of the Third Sector – social solidarity. LET’S HELP emerges in a variety of ways, such as a social investment fund that, through events and many other projects, created and conceived in a strictly commercial and business logic, guarantees the activation of valid, sustainable and social projects. The money raised at these events, coupled with donations from businesses and individuals, feed a fund that is used to support sustainable social projects.
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